Know-how. Knowledge. Culture.

Three meaningful words

Training is an essential investment for the future. However, the possibility of pursuing a quality education and to develop concrete perspectives is often very limited for vulnerable youth.

If there are many obstacles, it is for us to support these young people on their road to independence!

Active in over 120 countries, the International Social Service (ISS) provides support to children and families facing social problems and legal issues in a cross-border context. It also carries out projects to help young people in difficulty, mainly in Switzerland, West Africa and Eastern Europe.

Every child should grow up and thrive in a safe and stable environment which enables them to develop prospects. This is our motto and this is our mission!

Access to education is a fundamental right. Yet it is still far from being a reality for many young people.

Training is a crucial step in the life of a young person. Also we want to enable young migrants to develop their abilities and support them in their training, so they can develop concrete perspectives.

A rewarding training is the best measure to help overcome trauma and to overcome feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and isolation.  To acquire knowledge thus remains the best solution for youth to build a positive future despite the painful past.

"The better youth can learn and grow, the greater their chances of social and professional integration or reintegration."